Throughout the year are festive times when people can let their hair down and have fun. Some are marked by major holidays such as Christmas and New Year while others are less prominent but every bit as important to the people that celebrate them.

festiveThis section of the site will take a look at various aspects of festive holidays and special occasions that are celebrated and enjoyed by people around the globe. As an introduction, here are some paragraphs of interest that you might want to get started with.

Why Do We Celebrate Certain Days?

Before we can get into the many aspects of festive times, it is probably a good idea to consider the question of why we celebrate such of those days that are marked as festive. The reasons are many and varied but we can probably see a pattern emerging as we look deeper into them.

Most public holidays and festivals coincide with important religious events such as Christmas and Easter for those that embrace this aspect of life. In this sense, it is important to realize that while some groups will share a celebratory day, others may not and we should all respect each others' religious beliefs.

Other holidays coincide with political events such as the May Day holiday, special monarchical dates such as a king or queen's birthday or patriotic events such as a country's day of independence, for example. Others are just calendar based such as New Years while the likes of Halloween are based in pagan or Wiccan tradition.

Local Holidays

In many countries around the world, there are certain local holidays that are held to commemorate special events that occurred historically, such as the local fiestas typical in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries. Each town or village will have its own annual fiesta to commemorate a prominent event in the municipality's history and everyone will turn out to celebrate that day or several days in some cases.

Local holidays can be casual where most people will still go to work during the day and then celebrate in the evening. Or they can be official and public sector workers will have the day off, schools will close and many stores will also not open on that day.

Fun is the Word

The main reason to have these special days is for people who work hard at other times to be allowed to take the day off and have some fun. Whole families get together and enjoy the celebrations, go visit each other's homes or gather in town or village squares to hold a large party that everyone enjoys.

So the theme of this section of the site is mainly all about having fun on those days of the year that are earmarked for festivities, frolics and fun!