Learning to Play Guitar

If you don't know how to play the guitar and want to learn, there are a great many really good lessons and courses you can find online to help you. That is of course assuming you don't have very deep pockets and can afford to hire a private guitar tutor to teach you!

If you can afford private tuition, then of course you should go that route because you simply cannot beat one-on-one tuition from a professional guitar teacher. But for most of us, that is simply not an option because it is expensive and few can afford the on-going weekly costs of the many lessons you will need to get from being a complete beginner to becoming a relatively accomplished musician.

Buying a DVD or Downloadable Guitar Tuition Course

A much more affordable option is to purchase a course of video based guitar lessons produced by a professional teacher. There are many of these that you can find online and while there are also plenty of free videos available, it is better to pay for a professionally compiled course than risk learning a lot of bad habits from free stuff.

You are probably wondering by now what are the best online guitar lessons for beginners that you can download and use to learn the art of guitaristry for yourself. Um, that's probably not a real word. I just made it up for effect by the way!

Getting the Best Guitarist Tuition that's Available

guitar learning successI can help you here since I am a guitarist myself with many years playing experience in gigging bands. I have also signed up for several online courses to try them out and also to learn new tricks.

Believe it or not, you will never know it all and no matter how long in the tooth you may get, there is always something new to learn!

Well, some of the best courses are those that also have membership sites attached so that you can benefit from ongoing tuition from professionals with up to the minute techniques and skills you can take on board. These cost a little more because you also have the on-going monthly fee to pay, but they are usually pretty cheap, often coming out at around ten bucks or so a month.

Take it from me, it's worth the outlay to get some really top quality long term tuition as well as have the facility available to ask questions and get answers from people who know what they are talking about.

What About the Free Learning Option?

guitaristIf you can't afford to get a video course, then you're stuck with the free stuff on Youtube. While there is a lot of free lessons on there, most of them are pretty bad, while the good ones are generally very short a only teasers to get you to sign up for a full blown video course anyway.

Sorry to dampen your enthusiasm here, but you can do yourself more harm than good by trying to learn to play your instrument off free video lessons. It is all too common to hear of people following so-called pro teachers on Youtube only to later discover they just taught you a bunch of really bad habits and sent you the wrong way along the path that getting back on track will usually end up costing you more in both time and money.

If you really can't afford to buy a professional course, you should try to seek out other guitar players near you and get together to jam. You might get lucky and meet up with some pretty good players who can show you a lot of stuff to help you out.

Many guitarists are more than happy to show off their own skills and are usually willing to show newcomers how they do certain things for free, or for the price of a few beers! However you do it, be certain it's what you want to do and if it is, then enjoy it!

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